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37th IAF World Fashion: Announcing a Keynote Speaker and Various Sponsors

By Press Club


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Image Credit: Via IAF

The 37th IAF World Fashion Convention will start in Dhaka in 12 days in the Radisson Blu Water Garden hotel. The first day will feature the traditional IAF golf tournament, again made possible by long term IAF partner American & Efird (A&E). This day characterizes well the IAF Conventions, which are always a good mix of learning and socializing.

The learning part will take place on Monday November 14th with a conference under the theme of “Transforming Fashion Together”. The word ‘together’ is taken very seriously by IAF as we will bring together brands and retailers around the topics that are crucial to our industry and to our society, such as climate change and education. Learning we will also certainly do from our keynote speaker Dirk Vantyghem, director general of EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Federation and therefore a leading expert on Europe’s Green Deal legislation. As in all previous editions of the IAF Convention, this 37th edition in Dhaka is a joint venture with IAF member associations, in this case both BGMEA and BKMEA. And it is made possible by our sponsors, very often longstanding partners of IAF.

Among this year’s sponsors are A&E, Veit and Dubai Global Connect (DGC). A&E, as the world’s leading sewing thread supplier, is of course strongly committed to the second largest apparel exporting country in the world, as is Veit, a leading supplier of ironing, fixing and pressing solutions for the apparel industry. With the growing importance of Dubai as a regional trading hub, Dubai Global Connect’s strong presence in Dhaka is logical and very much welcomed.

Please join us in Dhaka on November 14, 2022!