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A thrilling journey of “Best of Bangladesh” in Amsterdam

By Press Club


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Credits: Best of Bangladesh

“Best of Bangladesh”- is a landmark event in Amsterdam, showcasing innovation and sustainability from Bangladesh. Organized by the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), with support from the Embassy of Bangladesh, Ministry of commerce and EPB and in Association with PDS.

Core vision of “Best of Bangladesh” is to represent Bangladesh as a global leader in terms of innovation, sustainability & driving positive change of Bangladesh to the world, and creating a platform for Bangladesh in Europe to showcase the inspiring progress and abundant potential across diverse sectors of Bangladesh economy, specially manufacturing, Bangladesh has a remarkable story of growth and development in recent days. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Bangladesh was worth 460.20 billion US dollars in 2022 and economy ranks as the world’s 37th largest now and it’s a rapidly-expanding, The event gathers 35+ companies from various fields, including apparel, textile, Agro, handicrafts, and more. It features panel sessions on topics like Bangladesh's emergence as an economy, sustainable sourcing, garment workforce well-being, agro-food collaboration, impact investing, circular economy, and digitization.

Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd, Ananta Group, Clifton Group, Centro Tex Ltd,Cute Dress Industry Ltd, Delmas Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd, Denim Expert Limited, Experience Group, Garments Manufacture JINLITE Bangladesh Limited, Laila Group, Madany Fashion Wear Ltd, Noize Jeans Ltd, Pacific Jeans Ltd, Paddock's Jeans Limited, PDS Limited, PDS Ventures, Shin Shin Group, Stylish Garments Limited, Team Group are participating in the Best of Bangladesh from apparel sector; Argon Denims Limited, Jamuna Denims Weaving Ltd, Mahmud Denims Ltd, Pioneer Denim Limited and Square Denims Ltd from textile; Agroshift Technologies Ltd., Ispahani Agro Limited and Nourish Feeds Limited from Agro, The Muslin, Beni Boonon, Classical Handmade Products BD Ltd from handicraft, Pran from FMCG,Brain Station 23 Ltd and Merchant Bay Ltd from digital industry; and Nymphea Publications from publications sector are participating in the show.

There will be an inaugural and 6 interactive panel sessions at the Best of Bangladesh on the topics ‘Bangladesh – Perspectives From An Emerging Economy’, ‘Bangladesh - Your Sustainable Sourcing Destination’, ‘Empowering the Future: Advancing Safety & Well-being for Garments Workforce in Bangladesh’, ‘Bangladesh Agro-Food: A Next Opportunity for Collaboration’, ‘Impact Investing - The Next Frontier’, ‘Sustainable Synergy: Circular Economy, Climate Action & Bangladesh’s Future’, and ‘Digitization and Digital Economy in Bangladesh’.

Notable speakers include:

  • Tipu Munshi, MP, Commerce Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

  • H E (Prof.) Jan Peter Balkenende, Hon. Minister of State of The Netherlands

  • Leslie Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Laudes Foundation

  • Mostafiz Uddin, Founder & CEO, Bangladesh Apparel Exchange

  • Pallak Seth, Founder & Vice Chairman, PDS Limited

  • Shahriar Alam, MP, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

  • Siddiqur Rahman, Former President, BGMEA & Chairman, Sterling Group, Sterling Group and Laila Group

  • A.H.M. Ahasan,Vice Chairman & CEO, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)

  • Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director, Team Group, Director, BGMEA Team Group & BGMEA

  • Alexander Kohnstamm, Executive Director, Fairwear Foundation André van Ommeren, Managing Director, International Development, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl)

  • Andrei Vasiliev, Responsible Sourcing/Social Impact Manager, BESTSELLER

  • Arnoud Passenier, Strategic International Advisor on Circular Economy. Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Netherlands

  • Ashish Damle, Country Director, Oxfam in Bangladesh

  • Bob Assenberg, Fund Director, Good Fashion Fund

  • Conor Boyle, Officer in Charge, ILO- Better Work Program

  • Erik Parigger, Programme Coordinator, Orange Corners

  • Fawzia Yasmeen, Director, Ispahani Agro Ltd

  • Fleur Meerman, Senior Policy Advisor, Economic and Social Council of the Netherlands (SER) & Board Member, Open Supply Hub, Economic and Social Council of the Netherlands (SER) & Open Supply Hub

  • Frederik Vossenaar, Special Envoy, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands

  • Geert de Wael, Quality, R&D and Sustainability Director, SOLO Group

  • Gerwin Leppink, Europe Representative, WRAP Compliance

  • H.E. M. Riaz Hamidullah, (Moderator), Ambassador, Bangladesh to The Kingdom of The Netherlands

  • Jaap-Jan Verboom, Founder and Director, Truvalu

  • Jan Hak, President, Qua Ter Nes Holding

  • Janet Mensink, Executive Director, Social & Labor Convergence Program

  • Joost Oorthuizen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Invest International

  • Joris Oldenziel, Executive Director, International Accord

  • Joris Aperghis CEO, WE Fashion

  • Judith Arends, Managing Director, Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI)

  • Kim Poldner, Professor, Circular Business “Faculty of Business, Finance & Marketing of The Hague University of Applied Sciences

  • Lisa Domoney, Senior Director Membership and Corporate Engagement, Sustainable Apparel Coalition - Machteld Ooijens (Moderator), Global Director Programmes and Partnerships, Truvalu

  • Mathilde Miedema, Program Director, Innovation for Development, TNO

  • Matthias Brienen (Moderator) , Director, Larive International in Zeist

  • Peter McAllister, Executive Director. Ethical Trading Initiative

  • Priyanka Khanna, Head of Asia Expansion, Fashion for Good Rensje Teerink, Deputy Director, Asia-Pacific Department, EEAS (South Asia except Afghanistan & Pakistan)

  • Shamsul Arefin Khaled, Director, Nourish Poultry and Hatchery Ltd

  • Sheikh H M Mustafiz, Founder & Managing Director, Cute Dress Industry Ltd

  • Simon Noall, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Upcycle Labs

  • Sohel Sadat, Chairman & Managing Director, Shin Shin Group

  • Syed M Tanvir, Managing Director, Pacific Jeans Ltd

  • Willeke Hendriks, Director Global Sourcing & Product Development, G-Star RAW

  • Willem Grimminck, Director, One to Watch

  • Willem Schoustra, Programme Director, SeedNL will be speaking at the sessions

Our valuable Contributors:

Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh, Ministry of foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Infrastructure and water Management Netherlands, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands, Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI), Seed NL, EPB, TNO, Invest International, Economic and Social Council of the Netherlands (SER), Sustainable Apparel Coalition, International Labour Organization, Laudes Foundation, Better Work, International Accord, Fair Wear, WRAP Compliance, Ethical Trading Initiative, Amfori, Oxfam, Social & Labor Convergence Program, G-Star RAW, Larive International in Zeist, Good Fashion Fund, Fashion For Good, Open Supply Hub, Qua Ter Nes Holding, Truvalu, Orange Corner, Qua Ter Nes Holding, One to Watch, Upcycle Labs, Renewcell, LightCastle Partners, and Sprout Economics.

There will be an exclusive networking Dinner, two Immersion visits, Food Bazar, Art Expositions, Hand crafting and also the audience can experience a cultural journey through the vibrant and emotive performances of the skilled dancers and musicians. Also, a wonderful VR tour is set to take way all visitors to an exciting journey of “Sundorban” & the longest Sea beach “Cox’s Bazar”.

Another key attraction is Bangladesh innovation Runway, will be held on 4th September and presented by Pacific Jeans. The Bangladesh Innovation Runway will unfold the emerging revolution the industries of Bangladesh spearheaded in innovation. It will showcase the innovative high value products of ‘Made in Bangladesh’. It’s an invite only show and no fee is required to visit the event.

Read more about the event here.

Best of Bangladesh