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SOURCING at MAGIC Returns to Las Vegas With First Ever Hybrid Event, Fueling Continued Global Connection and Discovery

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Highlighting sustainability and fashion innovation, SOURCING at MAGIC’s new hybrid event drew new global suppliers and provided differentiated connection and discovery opportunities in a variety of formats and platforms

New York, NY -- August 25, 2021 – Informa Markets Fashion, leading fashion industry connector and organizer of recently held hybrid trade event, SOURCING at MAGIC, announced today event success and positive indicators towards the continuing rebound of the global supply chain following the presentation of its first-ever hybrid event on August 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring 20+ countries from across the globe and almost half of the exhibitors new to the show, this season’s format illuminated new areas for global expansion for brands and retailers to diversify opportunities and respond to shifting consumer demands, paving the way for immediate and future sourcing and supply chain needs.

Over four days, the in-person event showcased hundreds of exhibitors from both well-known and new-interest regions for apparel and footwear manufacturing, textiles, and supply chain solutions including: Bangladesh, Columbia, Egypt, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, China, India, Portugal, Singapore and the United States of America. Circumventing continued international travel restrictions with a forward looking and inventive physical-digital approach, the event responded to these new market needs and offered a new physical sampling combined with digital connection “hybrid” offering. Suppliers who were unable to physically attend the event were able to feature physical samples within a dedicated shared space on the event floor with an opportunity for buyers to directly connect with the supplier via video conferencing. Helping to bridge globalized commerce and connection, this hybrid approach supported continued market presence and allowed participating suppliers new and inventive ways to engage with the onsite community in a productive manner.

“There was steady flow of traffic all four days of the show and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”
SOURCING at MAGIC Technology Provider

In addition to physical and hybrid shopping and showcasing opportunities, SOURCING at MAGIC also presented the return of its digital platform – SOURCING at MAGIC Online. Opening a week before the physical Las Vegas event on August 2, 2021, SOURCING at MAGIC’s digital platform further extended the event experience, allowing exhibitors to pre-book appointments and for sourcing professionals to maximize their onsite experience with greater efficiency.

Continuing the event experience the digital platform will remain open until October 1, 2021.

Whereas sustainability has always been an important focus for SOURCING at MAGIC, this season’s event placed a stronger emphasis on this theme, acting as a guide, resource tool, and validator for businesses. Attendees were able to discover sustainable manufacturers and suppliers at the SOURCING at MAGIC’s Sustainable Alternatives Gallery, in partnership with Hey Social Good - a vetting company that assesses companies’ social good impact. Key sustainable partners in the gallery included: Aztex Network, Accelerating Circularity, TENCEL™ by Lenzing, and UNIFI.

Additionally, event attendees were able to learn more about the latest in the fashion technology space, a new focus area and growing industry sector for SOURCING at MAGIC. Featuring manufacturing automation and robotic processes that streamline made-to-order production, AI algorithms that can predict fashion and consumer trends, AR and VR experiences in physical and online retail, and various of other innovations have pushed technology to the forefront by automating, personalizing, and accelerating results in the fashion sector. Increasingly, brands and retailers are discovering that big data, combined with production automation and product development innovation, has the potential to make manufacturing more precise, as well as more local and sustainable.

Attendees participated in the Communal Microfactory, presented by Tukatech, which showcased technology solutions across e-comm, fabric printing, and assembly. Guests were able to see the entire process from start to finish, noting the streamlined and efficient results of a microfactory. Adjacent to this activation, attendees were able to meet with exhibitors such as Trendsi, Gooten, Jesta.I.S. and Shipsaving. Like the dedicated area for sustainability, the fashion technology area at SOURCING at MAGIC allowed for the discovery of new options to both increase efficiency and streamline production practices. Having these resources brought together in one space grants the industry the tools to advance forward.

In addition to the show’s diverse, international roster of exhibitors and bustling show floor activity, SOURCING at MAGIC hosted a variety of speaking and education sessions featuring sourcing and supply-chain experts and industry thought leaders, further emphasizing the event as a larger business resource relevant for both startup and established businesses. On day one of the Sourcing event, guests were invited to an opening ceremony hosted by the Shaoxing Boda Association in partnership with Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Wholesale Market, which featured a live stream of international speakers from Keqiao and keynote speaker, Ilse Metchek from California Fashion Association. Then, on day two of the Sourcing event, and day one of the co-located sister events in the LVCC - PROJECT Las Vegas, MAGIC Las Vegas– guest speaker, Kenneth Cole took to the Grand Lobby Stage with Sourcing Journal’s Edward Hertzman for a discussion about keeping brand integrity and lessons learned from the pandemic.

Other topics included panel discussions surrounding sustainability, fashion technology, and the sourcing business and finance space. Talks were held with representatives from Hey Social Good, Aztex, Cotton, Inc., Jeanologia, TENCEL™ by Lenzing, Unifi and Accelerating Circularity that explored how technology and material innovation are aiding fashion companies in their push towards a more sustainable future. Attendees learned from leading industry voices such as Mark Jaegar of WRAP, Frances Harder of Fashion for Profit, and Matt Moeck of Hilldun Corporation on how to continue to navigate a leading a business in the post COVID world.

To help the apparel and footwear sourcing community understand and forecast trends in materials, fibers, patterns, and styles, a streamed trend session in partnership with WGSN uncovered the drivers, narratives, and detail value driven bestsellers, new developments, and key textile trends across apparel, outerwear, footwear, and accessories that buyers and suppliers should look to. Key takeaways included the need for brands to tackle social and environmental impacts from the fiber up and following through the entire supply chain; the evolution of fabrics in response to consumer shifts to “less is more” mentality; the recommendation to invest in core and familiar color choices in line with consumer demand for more “seasonless” products; and five “Big Ideas” – including #techelegance, The Outdoor Boom, #workleisure, Tactile Texturing, and Craftisan -- that brands and retailers should keep at the forefront as they design, develop, and produce upcoming collections. In addition, a new show floor installation, powered by Coloro, gave attendees an immersive view into key colors for the coming seasons and PANTONE returned to the show floor to provide expert guidance and resources throughout the four-day event. Key colors for Spring/Summer 2023 highlighted at SOURCING at MAGIC in partnership with Coloro point to a season marked by connection to feelings of optimism, hope, stability, and balance after a long period of restriction and uncertainty. Key colors include Tranquil Blue, Sundial, Luscious Red, Verdigris, and Digital Lavender - Coloro’s Color of the Year 2023.

“We were extremely excited to be able to offer the industry the option of attending in person, digitally or a hybrid of both, which allowed for a full global participation of suppliers and sourcing professionals,” says Kelly Helfman, Commercial President of Informa Markets Fashion. “This new method of showcasing international suppliers brought the sourcing and supply chain communities closer together and allowed for them all to participate.”

While the US and international markets still grapple with the lingering effects of the pandemic, SOURCING at MAGIC was guided by Informa AllSecure in addition to recommendations from local, state and health authorities, offering guests confidence in a safe return to in-person events. Event planning and execution included continuous sanitation and disinfecting with focus on “high touch” areas, numerous hand washing facilities located throughout

the event and wider aisles to accommodate social distancing. In addition, all guests were required to wear face masks while indoors, in compliance with Clark Country mandates and recently updated CDC guidelines.

As SOURCING at MAGIC not only safely connected the apparel and footwear sourcing community together again following halts to live events in 2020 and early 2021, the event’s return to Las Vegas also supported the local economy and businesses. Combined with co-located events MAGIC Las Vegas – the trend and young contemporary market event, and PROJECT Las Vegas – the contemporary women’s and men’s market event, these three distinct events hosted in concert to one another had an overall economic impact of an estimated $38 million for Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Sourcing at MAGIC gears towards 2022, dates and locations for future live and digital events will be announced later this year. In addition to local economic benefits, the upcoming announcements promise additional opportunities for the sourcing and supply chain to further capitalize on the successes seen in Las Vegas.


SOURCING at MAGIC gives fashion businesses, brands, and sourcing professionals the opportunity to connect and collaborate with an international community of global manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. With a strong presence among international exhibitors and attendees and deep domestic connections, SOURCING at MAGIC Las Vegas is a “global” community. With a forward-thinking approach and commitment to the evolution of the global apparel supply chain, SOURCING at MAGIC Las Vegas consistently provides access to cutting edge fashion technology, solutions, sustainable resources, educational content, networking, and extended visibility into the industry’s most critical global issues.


Informa Markets Fashion connects and inspires the global fashion community through online experiences, industry insights, and worldwide fashion trade events including MAGIC, COTERIE, PROJECT, and SOURCING at MAGIC. From more effective manufacturing and supply chain opportunities to creative design inspiration and retail on the wholesale floor, Informa Markets Fashion’s diverse portfolio supports the entire fashion ecosystem - fostering innovation and driving creativity year-round.

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