Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has shown a particular interest in the Milan basketball

team, and is now co-owner of the team Olympia Armani Jeans. The designer sponsors the team with 42 million Euros (37 million GBP).

Intercepted in 1936, the basketball team has taken home the most accolades of the country, including 25 Italian awards, 3 European and 4 national games. In the past, Armani donated 2,4 million Euros (2,1 million GBP) to the historical sports centre Palalido in Milan.

Just sports charity isn't enough for the designer, Armani also supports clean water projects in Ghana, and on March 1st he’ll give the official kickoff for Acqua For Life. With this initiative, he aims to get 40 million litre of clean water for children in Ghana through projects organised by Green Cross International.





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