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Benetton launches positive news site

By FashionUnited


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The Benetton Group’s UnHate Foundation has launched a positive news website in collaboration with the United Nations

Department of Public Information to challenge the world’s predominantly negative news cycle.

The platform, UnHate News, will only publish news that people “like to see” in order to create a community of young people who actively participate in the news process – from posting text, photos and videos to producing “ideal” information in tune with the times.

The aim of the project is to encourage young people from all over the world to proactively tell the story of our society, by highlighting social justice issues to help them overcome their “passive attitudes to the filtered and mostly negative news that surrounds us”, according to the retail group.

The reporters’ stories will be reviews by the editors of UnHate News before being published on the website, where the community will be able to rate them. An Unhate Foundation Jury will select 10 news items from the 100 most popular and submit them to the United Nations Department of Public Information, which will then seek to match them with existing UN projects, which will receive funding from the Unhate Foundation.

Since it kicked off on February 22, UnHate News has focused on three current issues: gay rights, child brides in Africa and Asia, and the dispute between China and Japan over the Senkaku islands.

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