The designs, artworks, manuscripts and films of the House of Chanel come together in an exclusive

exhibition; ‘Culture Chanel’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai. In the form of a dialogue between authors and artists – including Chanel’s closest Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Igor Stravinsky - the celebration aims to perpetuate the creative heritage of the house from the beginnings, Mademoiselle Chanel to current times, Karl Lagerfeld.

The exhibition organised by Moca, Shanghai, with full support of the House of Chanel, is being curated by well known contemporary art and design figure, Jean Louis Froment and runs now until March 14th 2011.
“Moca Shanghai is very honoured to hold the ‘Culture Chanel’ exhibition jointly with Chanel,” says Samuel Kung, chairman and director. “We hope that when viewers engage in this fantastic journey into the universe of Chanel, they will experience the vision produced by art and design and, at the same time, appreciate the message of unspoken words illustrated through the wonderful artworks of these masters.”
The temporary curation is of around 400 pieces with about 100 on loan from museums and private collections.




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