Nolan Miller, the fashion designer best known for his glamorous costumes in the 80s

for series Dynasty, has died at the age of 79.

Miller's creations defined an era, with the strong-shouldered power suit and statement dresses worn by actresses Joan Collins and Linda Evans.

With a weekly wardrobe budget of $35,000, Mr. Miller designed approximately 3,000 outfits for the show's duration, reported the New York Times. “I never want to see them wearing the same outfit twice,” he famously said.

While Mr. Miller’s “Dynasty” creations were his most famous, the “Dynasty” look became copied around the world and established Mr. Miller as one of the few costume designers to have a successful career outside of the Hollywood studios.

In an interview with W magazine, Miller noted the press changed Hollywood where actresses often wear a designer’s creation for only a night before returning it. “Nobody buys a dress anymore,” he said. “When I started, Crawford would buy three things for the Oscars because she wasn’t sure what she wanted to wear. Stanwyck never borrowed a dress in her life.”




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