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Elle UK breaks with tradition


British monthly magazine Elle has revealed that Twilight star Kristen Stewart is its June

2012 cover star breaking from ‘tradition and magazine protocol’ said Elle’s Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy on its website.

The move came after much speculation on social media networks surrounding the identity of the cover shoot star taking place today in LA that Elle decided that with Stewart’s popularity that it should announce the news before it was leaked.

The June issue doesn’t hit newsstands until May 2, but the Elle team will be reporting ‘minute-by-minute’ action from the shoot via its Twitter and Facebook, from pictures of the hair and beauty looks to the fashion rail. A move that is surely geared to increase the magazine’s reach on its social media platforms, as well as boost its subscription numbers as there will be a special subscription cover of Stewart as well as the newsstand version.

“We're breaking with tradition and magazine protocol to reveal our cover star in advance because she has such a huge social network following and fan base we want to be the ones to break the news first” said Elle Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy. “We'll be giving readers a digital exclusive and reporting from inside the studio as we shoot. Kristen is such an amazing Elle cover star I want to make sure we don’t disappoint readers who have to wait to see the whole shoot in our June issue out on May 2nd.”
Kristen Stewart