On Wednesday,Italian designer Giorgio Armani agreed to join

the Italian Chamber of Fashion, under one condition. He wants every Italian fashion house to show in Milan during Fashion Week. Armani is known to be loyal to his country and in the past has shared his dissatisfaction with other Italian brands who show their collections elsewhere during Fashion Week.

In the past he has criticized fashion houses like Valentino for showing their collections in Paris during Fashion Week, rather than Milan. He shared his opinions and hopes for change in a press release: “While I still believe that all Italian brands should hold their fashion shows in Italy to give due prominence to our country, as an entrepreneur I understand that certain situations, created over the years, need time to be reorganized.”

“I appreciate the move made by Ennio Capasa, which constitutes an important first step in this direction. In the hope that other Italian companies follow this example, in the meantime, it seems only right, and indeed necessary, for me to send a further strong signal of commitment and confidence aimed at boosting an upswing in the vitality of Italian fashion and, at the same time, to show a sign of support for the actions undertaken by the other brand members of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.”

Capasa previously announced in July of this year that he wanted to bring Costume National back to its roots in Italy and showed his women's spring collection in Milan this year, after he had shown his collections for over 20 years in Paris during Fashion Week.

The CEO of Prada, Patrizio Bertelli, fashion entrepreneurs Diego Della Valle and Gildo Zegna all are part of the new board of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and together have been working on reinstating Milan Fashion Week.





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