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Jewels of Hope


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Christie's auction house will sell 'Jewels of Hope,' a collection of exquisite jewels, including some

of the finest fashion jewellery ever made, from the 18th century onwards owned by philanthropist Lily Safra.

Safra, a lover of fashion, art collector, and most importantly philanthropist, is selling the jewels this spring. The 70 pieces sold will benefit 20 charities, from Rwandan or Romanian children to a New York hospital for Parkinson’s disease and Elton John’s AIDS foundation, reports the Herald Tribune.

“Jewels for Hope” is the name given to the sale that will take place at Christie’s in Geneva on May 14. Excitement surrounds not just coveted stones, diamond, ruby and sapphire in 30-plus carats, but also 18 pieces from JAR, the largest collection up for sale in the lifetime of Joel Arthur Rosenthal, the Paris-based jeweler considered the finest creator of the last 30 years.
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