UK clothing supplier Baker Street Clothing (Baker Street) is celebrating after winning a

four-year trademark battle with French fashion retailer Lacoste.

The dispute centred on the French retailer’s opposition to Baker Street’s registration of the word “Alligator”. Lacoste reportedly argued that the word was too close to its crocodile logo and would lead people to associate the two brands.

Geoffrey Hobbs QC, however, disagreed and decided in favour of Baker Street on the grounds that the word alligator on clothing would not lead to any likely confusion.

Joel Brown, Managing Director of Baker Street Clothing, commented: “This is a thrilling victory for smaller companies everywhere to demonstrate that they can take on these giant organisations and win.”

Brown continued: “It was intimidating to take on such a huge company and our initial reaction when we heard Lacoste were planning legal action was ‘How on earth are we going to take on these giants?’, but we believed in our convictions and refused to give up.”

Initially a UK manufacturer of men's overcoats, Baker Street Clothing continues to expand its product offer and supply base from its head office in Altrincham, Cheshire. This recent decision marks a significant step for small corporates locked in legal wrangles with larger companies.





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