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NON-Design presents her first collection in New York at AccessoriesTheShow!

Feb 14, 2012

Manon Goossens,

designer of NON-Design, is looking forward to her participation in AccessoriesTheShow in New York. AccessoriesTheShow runs from the 21st -23rd of February, and is part of Moda Manhattan. Manon Goossens is one of the top ten Dutch designers in the joint Green Orange collective. Green Orange is an initiative of Wave-Up marketing & promotions. NON-Design is new, sustainable and a must-have for every conscious woman.

Goossens graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Maastricht in July 2011. With a graduation collection named “Material Clash”, she translated her fascination of materials and techniques, into carpets, wallpapers and pillows. The contrast of materials and the clash of old and new is an aspect that will be seen in all her work.

Her label, NON Design, represents her own personality. Free, classy, but also with an edge. That’s exactly how she would like to describe her new bag collection “Materialized”. The bags are all handmade with love and care using 100% natural materials. By combining felt and leather, she designed a collection for the stylish woman, who is not afraid to show her tough side. She also designed a jewelry collection from the same point of view. These necklaces and earrings are the perfect finishing touch for a party outfit!

At AccessoriesTheShow’s Fall/Winter 2012 Pavilion show, retailers can expect 250+ lines consisting of a great mix of color, pattern, and materials. With a focus on color, neons and brights are in high-demand this season to enhance, as well as refresh, your already fabulous inventories. Newly added product categories, such as tech gear and solution products will inspire some of this season’s most sought trends and will be sure to give you that extra something to take back?! to your customers. Come see what the buzz is all about at AccessoriesTheShow