Twin Couture presents collection in New York

The sustainable Dutch brand `Twin Couture` is founded and

designed by the talented twins Lavinia and Abigail. From February 21 till February 23 this unique brand will participate together with ten other Dutch brands in the trade show Moda Manhattan in New York. Twin Couture is part of the Green Orange collective, an initiative of Wave-Up.

Although they look very much alike, their personalities are the complete opposite. Does Before She Thinks and Thinks Before She Does is the best way to describe it. Abigail, the oldest, is the rebellious, outspoken and Edgy one. Lavinia, 7 minutes younger, is the elegant, sophisticated and Classy type. "We believe that every woman has an Edgy and Classy side to her personality; we bring these two opposites together into one strong brand: Twin Couture."

“We believe in couture and in ECOuture; combine the two and make the world a better place by looking your best, while respecting all life on earth. That is why we work with eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, we don’t use any animal materials and we strive for fair labour conditions for the production of our collections.”
Our motto is: The When Is Now, The Way Is No Cruelty.”

Denim is the first fabric the twins choose to work with because of their ongoing love affair with the sustainability, fit and wearable qualities of the fabric! The twin sisters approach denim in a different fashion and will break free from the traditional designs and ways in which the fabric is used.

Organic cotton and organic agriculture protect the health of people and planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic and synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply. The certificate GOTS (that is a must-have for us) defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

Tree bark is cultivated from Mutuba trees on eco-certified farms in Uganda. The fabric is said to be the most ancient textile in the history of humanity. 680 farmers in a structurally weak region are integrated in the production of tree bark. This means new sources of income for about 6000 people.

Tencel is made from wood. The eco-fibre comes from nature and returns to nature as botanic principles are applied. In this respect CO2 is converted into oxygen as a result of the growth of the raw material wood. Tencel is produced in the environmentally friendly Lyocell process.





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