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US appreciates Made in Italy


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US demand for Italian made fashion has seen an increase of almost 21 percent to over 1 billion

euros in the January to October 2012 period.

The figures were compiled by statistics institute ISTAT for the Sistema Moda Italia fashion association.

Italy's fashion trade resulted in a surplus of 994 million euros, up 21.9 percent annually, since the imports came in at 40.7 million europs.

Men's outerwear exports to the US rose 21.9 percent on-year to 261.5 million europs while women's outerwear exports grew 11.3 percent to 260 million euros.

Men's knitwear exports surged 38.7 percent to 79.8 million euros, as women's knitwear exports climbed 18.4 percent to 103 million euros.
Sistema Moda Italia