American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is being sued over thigh-high stockings by former

supplier Zephyrs, a New Jersey retailer of Italian hosiery.

Zephyrs is suing Victoria’s Secret and its parent company Limited Brands for using images of its products on packaging and in-store displays, while selling the consumer a lower-quality product.

When the lingerie giant switched to a cheaper supplier in Canada for its hosiery, the retailer replaced the manufacturer and the tights, but didn’t change the packaging. Instead, Zephyrs is claiming that Victoria’s Secret just replaced the label ‘Made in Italy’ with ‘Made in Canada’.

In addition to the $15 million for breach of contract, unfair competition and false advertising, Zephyrs is also seeking "corrective advertising" and a recall of the accused products, which according to Joseph Goiconda, of Gioconda Law Group PLLC which is representing Zephyrs, it is close to 100 million counterfeit products.

The lawsuit was filled on August 10, but the complaint was unsealed on Friday after efforts to reach a settlement proved unsuccessful. Victoria's Secret has not yet responded to the allegations.




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