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Nomasei launching size inclusive shoes

By Kristopher Fraser

Oct 4, 2021


Image: Nomasei

Fashionista has reported that Paris-based brand Nomasei has launched sustainable, size-inclusive thigh-high boots. The boots have been created to fit a more size-inclusive range of legs and thighs. The tall boots were created using a cotton lining that is more stretch friendly.

Another feature of the boots is they were made using one long piece of leather to avoid horizontal stitches that can cause bulges in the knee and thighs. While there have been strides made for plus-size fashion in the ready-to-wear department, size inclusivity advocates argue that the conversation has not included footwear. Women with larger feet and curvier women who have had trouble finding thigh high boots in the past have gone missing from the conversation.

The average size of women in America is now 16 to 18, creating a demand for fashion brands to create more size inclusive clothing. Many fashion brands still only cater to women with body types up to size 12, thereby even limiting their own potential customer bases.