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Pantys launches absorbent fitness collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Pantys

Absorbent underwear brand Pantys has launched an exclusive fitness line designed to empower people who menstruate to continue exercising throughout their period.

The four-piece collection of clothing and underwear, consisting of absorbent shorts, legging, underwear and a lightweight training top, designed to cater for those with a medium to heavy flow.

Each piece uses the same innovative technology that makes up the rest of the brands period underwear and has its own carbon label and offsets 100 percent of its carbon emissions.

Maria Eduarda Camargo, co-founder, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Pantys, said in a statement: “Even though half of the world’s population have been menstruating since the beginning of time, it is a topic that is never really talked about. There have been studies that have proven that exercise can help alleviate some of the symptoms of your period and even reduce pain, yet so many people stop their usual exercise routine as they don’t feel confident.

“We want to empower women to continue exercising, safe in the knowledge that Pantys will support them at every race, cycle or leap.”

Image: courtesy of Pantys

The collection coincides with a UK-wide poll of 2,000 women conducted by Populus, which revealed that 54 percent of participants stop exercising as a result of their menstrual cycle, with that number increasing to 73 percent among 16 to 24-year-olds.

Emily Ewell, co-founder and chief executive of Pantys, added: “We created Pantys with the mission to improve the quality of life for women through sustainability and innovation, whilst creating a positive impact on the planet.

“This is especially important in sport when it has been proven that exercise can have a positive impact on both the mental and physical wellbeing of people. We designed this collection so people could continue to live their life and feel confident and secure when moving their bodies”

The Pantys fitness collection is available in size XS - 3XL, starting from 25 pounds.

This is the latest development for the absorbent underwear brand, in July it launched the first transgender and non-binary collection of underwear to ensure period inclusivity for everyone who menstruates.

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