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Nike’s newest innovation is a hands-free sneaker

By FashionUnited


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Nike’s latest engineering feat comes in the form of its new shoes called GO FlyEase. The lace-free, hands-free shoe is designed to be quick and easy, with users stepping their feet into the shoe.

The new technology is based on the bi-stable hinge, enabling the shoe to be secured in fully open and fully closed states. The shoe begins in an unhinged position, with the wearer slipping their foot inside. After the wearer steps their heel down, the shoe is secured. The “kickstand heel” motion lets anyone slip out of the shoes while simultaneously sliding the hinge to prop them back up. The whole process is hands-free and takes seconds, says Nike.

The contact-less shoe will retail for around 120 dollars and is advertised as Nike’s most accessible shoe to-date, suitable for people with physical disabilities, athletes, and everyday use.

The shoe’s concept and design came from Nike designer Tobie Hatfield, whose goal is to create accessible shoes for all Nike consumers while pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation, and design.

Photo credit: Nike