Dolores Promesas, on point to reach its 10 million euro sales goal

Madrid - Dolores Promesas has closed the first half of its current fiscal year selling 10 percent more. The Spanish women's fashion firm is thus close to its goal of closing 2018 with circa 10 million euros in sales.

Dolores Promesas has increased its sales by 10 percent in the first half of the year, advancing in a statement that expects to close the year with an increase of 12 percent of turnover.

As reported by Europa Press, the CEO of Dolores Promesas, Javier Lapeña, believes that this is a good moment of growth, calling it "perfect" to start the renewal process in which the company is immersed. So much so that Lapeña expects to reach 9.85 million euros of turnover, the news agency says.

Dolores Promesas is nearing its goal of 10 million sales

Everything indicates that Dolores Promesas will fulfill what was promised: the Spanish fashion firm ended the year 2017 selling 11 percent more than in the previous year. Its goal for 2018 was to continue growing, specifically 23 percent to reach 10 million euros in turnover.

Following in the footsteps of other female fashion firms from Spain, Dolores Promesa has been considering for some time opening its capital to financial partners, remind market sources consulted by FashionUnited.

In the face of this new stage, Dolores Promesas has been immersed in a renewal process for months, both structurally and regarding its market strategy.

This past March the company began redesigning its stores, at the same time that it expanded its range of products and, in a bet on the future, adjusted its prices to reach a wider public.

Market analysts say the company is well on its way to attract the attention of foreign investors. In this regard, it’s worth recalling that Dolores Promesas crossed Spanish borders last year to open its first international store in the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

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