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ABG welcomes David Beckham to portfolio, plans to grow brand

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: David Beckham, courtesy of ABG

Closely following the announcement of its partnership with New Guards Group, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) has revealed another big name set to join its portfolio: David Beckham.

The global brand development company has announced it will be entering into a strategic partnership with the footballer-turned-entrepreneur “to build the future of the David Beckham brand”.

Beckham, who is supported by a string of high-level partners, including Adidas, Tudor and EA Sports, is also set to become a shareholder of ABG in connection with the partnership. He will be joining ABG’s growing sports-centred portfolio, which already includes the likes of Muhammad Ali, Shaquille O’Neal and Sports Illustrated.

Together with ABG, Beckham is planning to grow his brand through strategic endorsements, innovative business models, media partnerships and new consumer products.

Additionally, ABG will officially be opening its European headquarters in London, as the brand development firm looks to continue expanding its corporate footprint. With notable acquisitions and partnerships exhibiting this ambition, the company has been rapidly developing its reach over the past two years.

Most notably, the firm acquired Reebok from Adidas, in 2021, after which it has continued to strike a series of international partnerships to revamp the sports retailer and put it back on the global map.

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