Shoe brand Adidas recently signed a new deal with a basketball league. The iconic brand has partnered with Big3 that will be in full effect starting April 11.

The two will be in partnership with each other for three years starting this month, as reported by WWD. The league, founded by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, will have Adidas serve as its sponsor from now on. “The Adidas culture is one imbued with innovation and marked by excellence,” Kwatinetz told the publication. “It is because of these shared ideals that Big3 is proud to name Adidas the league’s official apparel sponsor.”

Through this deal, Adidas will be in charge of supplying all players with Big3 jerseys. The two will continue their partnership in order to create new shirts, hats, uniforms, hoodies, and more. “Adidas has long been at the nexus of sport and innovation, making them the perfect creative partners in our work to propel the game of three-on-three basketball on a global stage," NBA Hall of Fame Clyde Drexler said of the two. "Together, we will continue to redefine what professional basketball looks like.”

In the past, Adidas was the official sponsor for the NBA. However, it seems now that the NBA is outfitted completely through Nike. By partnering with Big3, the brand is moving forward with its local markets in sports sponsorship. There is no set date, but according to, Adidas Big3 fan apparel is set to debut soon.





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