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Aéropostale enters metaverse with digital brand experience

By Rachel Douglass


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AeroPax NFTs by Aéropostale, Authentic and MetaversePlus. Image: MetaversePlus

Retailers still can’t get enough of the metaverse as they continue to enter into digital spaces in order to connect with the young, tech-savvy consumer. The latest to embark on this journey is Aéropostale, which has teamed up with MetaversePlus to design, develop and expand its presence in Web3.

Established together with the brand’s owner, Authentic Brands Group (Authentic), the launch into the digital sphere will consist of four major phases, the first of which, set for March 23, will see the drop of a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), entitled AeroPax.

On purchasing one of the initial 30,000 AeroPax assets, shoppers will gain access to various exclusive perks, such as access to limited-edition apparel.

The AeroPax will become the user’s property and will act as their interactive avatar to be used in Aéropostale’s forthcoming metaverse world, AeroWorld.

As part of phase two, a sneak peek of AeroWorld will become available, and will allow users to claim avatar characters, access virtual experience and collect in-game points which can be redeemed for merch and other perks.

Details of phase three and four will be revealed at a later stage.

In a release, Naushaba Moeen, EVP, lifestyle at Authentic, said the company was “thrilled” to be partnering with MetaversePlus to build the metaverse, adding: "Through this partnership, we aim to make Aéropostale a leading brand in the Web3 space and help shape the future of community and customer engagement in the virtual world."

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