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Asos announces expansion of ‘Partner Fulfils’ with Mirakl

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Asos

Online retailer Asos is partnering with leading SaaS platform Mirakl to expand its marketplace capabilities to enable it to onboard new third-party brands.

In a statement, Asos said that it was expanding its ‘Partner Fulfils’ programme to offer its customers a broader range of products and greater stock availability for existing product lines, all without impacting supply chain efficiency.

The service allows brands to fulfil orders placed via Asos directly without the product needing to be housed in an Asos warehouse. By teaming up with the Mirakl Marketplace Platform, Asos said it can bring more brands onto the programme and enable the online retailer to offer key territories more relevant local fashion through partnerships with smaller businesses.

Asos recently expanded its Partner Fulfils from two to 23 brands across the UK and Europe.

Cliff Cohen, chief technology officer at Asos, said: “The Partner Fulfils programme is a key tool to enable us to offer our customers better product availability and product width, with minimal impact on our own supply chain operations.

“Mirakl was the obvious choice for us as a partner that has the expertise and first-class technology we need to power a fully flexible partner fulfilment system together with key fashion brands.”

Sophie Marchessou, executive vice president of customer success at Mirakl, added: “Partner Fulfils is key to Asos’ ambition to grow internationally while delivering highly localised customer experiences. We are delighted to be able to support them with our expertise and marketplace technology to diversify and strengthen their supply chain and better serve their customers.”