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Authentic Brands Group launches joint venture with Greg Norman

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - Authentic Brands Group (ABG) parent company of Juicy Couture, Airwalk and Spider, has joined forces with renowned golfer Greg Norman to form a joint venture to own and manage the Shark Brand.

The move sees Greg Norman joining the roster of ABG's increasing celebrity and entertainment portfolio, which includes brands such as Marilyn Monroe and Shaquille O'Neal. Seen as a pioneer in athlete brand building, Norman the "Great White Shark" has won over 90 tournaments across the globe, including two British Open Championships. His eponymous company includes a diverse portfolio of more than a dozen well-established and successful companies across consumer goods and services, real estate, and investments.

"We are thrilled to welcome Greg Norman to the ABG fold. Greg’s attributes and global appeal extend far beyond golf into travel, luxury, lifestyle, and more," commented Jamie Salter, Chairman and CEO, ABG. "Welcoming another ‘greatest’ athlete into our Sports, Fashion and Celebrity & Entertainment portfolios marks another step in our growth strategy while establishing immediate credibility for ABG in an entirely new space." Together the two aim to leverage Norman's expertise and strong brand portfolio to accelerate the eponymous brand's global presence and increase its revenue.

"Our shared purpose and vision makes ABG the ideal strategic partner. This alliance will unlock my company’s full potential by joining with one of the foremost brand development companies in the world," added Greg Norman. "As we celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the Greg Norman Company, it is markedly important to continue to evolve the brand, reach new audiences and expand our portfolio, and ABG is undoubtedly the right partner to help us on that journey."

ABG is set to focus on growing and developing the Greg Norman Company array of consumer products and endorsements to offer programs which reflect Norman's confidence, sophistication, charisma, and appeal. The Greg Norman Golf Course Design, Greg Norman Real Estate, Greg Norman Media, Greg Norman Investments, Greg Norman’s Australian Grille and Shark Wake Park are excluded from this partnership.

Photos: Courtesy of ABG and Greg Norman

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