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Axel Arigato to launch resell platform, Xchange

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Axel Arigato Facebook

Swedish lifestyle brand Axel Arigato is set to launch its own brand-operated resale platform, entitled Xchange, in partnership with resale e-commerce developer Reflaunt.

The new platform will allow Axel Arigato customers to purchase and sell pre-owned pieces, as part of the brand’s solution to extend product life cycles.

Utilising Reflaunt’s technology, customers will be able to select the item they wish to resell, input images and details, before uploading to the site. For the first three months, pre-owned products will exclusively be available on the Axel Arigato platform, after which they will automatically be listed on Reflaunt’s global resale marketplace, if not sold within the time frame.

Xchange aims to act as a hub for the brand’s global community, targeting its consciously minded consumer as a peer-to-peer platform.

Furthermore, the brand will also use the site as a location for exclusive samples and past season goods, with the occasional customised collections to be released in collaboration with varying artists.

The implementation of the resale platform will allow Axel Arigato to gain access to the evergrowing sneaker resale market, which Reflaunt currently estimates at six billion dollars, with additional growth projected at 30 million dollars by 2030.

“This represents a really exciting opportunity for both our brands especially as we see strong growth coming from North America, as well as Asia Pacific where we have a strong resale marketplace representation,” said Stephanie Crespin, CEO and founder of Reflaunt, in a release.

She continued: “By combining Reflaunt’s deep expertise in resale technology and Axel Arigato’s community-driven brand, we look forward to partnering to bring customers a seamless and fully customised resale experience.”

Reflaunt has previously worked with the likes of H&M, Balenciaga and Harvey Nichols on similar resale platforms, fostering a global network of circular platforms that promote product longevity.

The Axel Arigato resale site is set to launch December 1, initially, in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden.

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