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Bella Hadid teases wellness brand

By Rachel Douglass


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Bella Hadid, street style SS23. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Supermodel Bella Hadid has teased a new wellness brand on her personal Instagram account, a venture that will build on her growing list of projects outside the world of fashion.

So far, the only information Hadid has revealed is the name of the brand, Ôrǝbella; the release date, May 2; and the pre-registration link, through which those signing up can receive an exclusive gift on the launch. The slogan “Reveal your alchemy” was also unveiled in a clip of Hadid’s eyes, as well as a gold logo.

Hadid had already sent fans into an investigative flurry earlier this month, when she posted a picture of herself next to an Ulta Beauty sign, but provided no more context.

Speculation only mounted when fans realised that the model had filed an application to trademark her name back in 2020, for uses across colour cosmetics, eyewear, luggage and handbags. Since the filing, however, Hadid has not made a “statement of use”, detailing what the trademarks would be utilised for in the realm of commerce.

Hadid made a brief departure from the world of modelling last year during which time she was recovering from a lengthy battle against Lyme disease. However, at the beginning of January, she appeared on the cover of Perfect Magazine, officially marking her return to the fashion industry.

Hadid has been pursuing other ventures, however, namely in the form of non-alcoholic drink brand, Kin Euphorics, which she co-founded in 2021 and has since expanded to now be offered in Targets across the US.

Bella Hadid