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Benetton Group launches Green B project

By Tess Stenzel


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United Colors of Benetton

Italian-based Benneton Group has launched a program titled Green B that brings together all the sustainability initiatives of the company’s brands, including United Colors of Benetton, Undercolors, and Sisley, under one umbrella.

The group stated it would work on energy efficiency throughout its supply chain and retail locations, waste management, respect workers’ rights, and distribute more sustainable products.

“Green B unites Benetton’s different souls. Green is the colour of the logo that has made the brand famous all over the world. B is the initial of the last name of the brand’s founders and also refers to the verb ‘to be’ – because to be sustainable is part of our essence – as well as the bee, a small, industrious and collaborative insect, without which the entire ecosystem would be in crisis,” stated Massimo Renon, CEO of Benetton Group, in a release.

“From today, Green B is the ambassador of Benetton’s innately green soul, the symbol of everything that for us is sustainable.”

The Green B project will take on various interpretations as it is used for all Benetton Group touchpoints. Customers will find the symbol in stores, on digital platforms, and on the tags of the garments that reflect the values embodied by the project.

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