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BFC voices support for Ukraine, calls on industry to condemn invasion

By Rachel Douglass

Mar 4, 2022


Image: Max Kukurudziak via Unsplash

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has joined a string of fashion brands and companies in expressing their support for Ukraine during Russia’s invasion.

The fashion group, which previously shared links to charities and tips on how to help humanitarian aid in the region, has now released a statement noting it is looking to provide further support to Ukrainian designers, retailers and media.

In the statement, BFC said: “We encourage all those in our network to show their support, however they can, for the global campaign condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

It did, however, state the campaign was only aimed at the Russian government, not its Russian members, patrons or colleagues, which it said “may be fearful of facing discrimination for actions over which they have no influence at all”.

BFC’s announcement is one of many already made by the fashion industry, condemning the Russian government for its actions and showing its support for the Ukrainian people.

Many fashion brands and retailers have already made substantial steps to display their views on the situation, withholding Russian operations and providing funding to Ukrainian charities and aids.

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