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Bolt and Adobe to integrate one-click checkout solution

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Bolt

Checkout network company Bolt has established a partnership with Adobe that will enable Adobe Commerce users to access Bolt’s one-click checkout feature.

The service hopes to enable an enhanced customer experience, with the option maintained by Adobe. Furthermore, Adobe merchants can also join Bolt’s merchant network, adding them to a pool of 10 million shoppers who use the service.

The two company’s first joined in a partnership together back in 2020, with Adobe Commerce adopting Bolt’s fast-paced payment solutions into its offering.

Bolt stated that the one-click checkout option sees “increased conversions 50 percent higher than guest checkout” and “offers checkouts that are 40 percent faster than guest checkouts”.

“The checkout is the final interaction point that brands and retailers have with their customers pre-purchase, making it critical for merchants to get the checkout experience right and drive customer loyalty,” said Jordan Jewell, research director of digital commerce at International Data Corporation (IDC).

He continued: “Adobe’s partnership with Bolt is designed to help merchants improve upon the native checkout in Adobe Commerce, by removing friction and reducing abandoned carts, so they can better compete.”

Adobe Commerce US merchants will be able to implement the embedded Bolt checkout service from the spring of 2022.