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Brands are getting ready to sell directly to avatars

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Adidas x Karlie Kloss via The Fabricant

D2A or Direct-to-Avatar, is a new digital channel and opportunity in the fashion economy. It allows brands, companies and users to sell and retail products directly to avatars. Why? Because what is worn in the metaverse is becoming as important as what is worn in real life.

In the metaverse companies bypass supply chain issues and all the logistics associated with physical products that must either be sold on a shop floor or be delivered to a customer’s front door.

As the digital world looks increasingly set to dominate our social stratosphere, new models of retailing will allow brands to forge novels and deeper connections with consumers in online environments.

How can brands create digital clothing?

With interest in virtual fashion exploding, there are several platforms allowing users to create clothing without having knowledge of 3D software, although companies will need such software to design their own collections. One early adopter, The Fabricant, allows users to create, mint and trade digital garments as NFTs, which can then be worn across various digital environments.

Tribute a Croatian-based company, is an example of a digital fashion brand leading the way in contactless and cyber fashion. Its collective was formed by members with a background in fashion, CGI 3D modeling, UX design and coding. Users can buy and download digital fashion items, which Tribute says influences users to transfer their identity to a virtual area, and ultimately leads to a decrease in demand of physical clothes.

Whether brands are partnering with gaming companies like Roblox or Fortnight, what is evident is that an entirely new economy for digital fashion is emerging.

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