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Brunello Cucinelli is committed to disease research

By Heide Halama


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Brunello Cucinelli. Credits: Neiman Marcus Group, NMG Awards

Italian knitwear specialist Brunello Cucinelli has underlined his support of research into treatments for various diseases through a new cooperation agreement via its subsidiary Foro delle Arti, which manages the brand's activities outside of fashion. Together with Italian biotech company Tes Pharma Srl, the group will work towards scientific innovations for the treatment of diseases.

The agreement looks to promote innovations in pharmaceutical products for the treatment of metabolic diseases and cancer, to which Tes Pharma has committed itself. The common goal is to "bring light into the lives of those affected by these diseases" and to create a dialogue between "cutting-edge business and humanistic culture".

The cooperating companies will also work together with the venture capital fund Xgen Venture, which specialises in the medical-scientific sector and invests in innovations in the fields of biotechnology and medical technology, primarily in Italy.

In a release, the eponymous founder of the brand, Brunello Cucinelli, said: "Science is a noble discipline that has always accompanied the development of humanity, placing man at the centre and making knowledge a fertile ground for the development of man in harmony with creation.

"The fascinating research behind every scientific discovery is the best lesson we can learn from the history of human knowledge. In my opinion, this is in line with the culture of 'caring' that has always inspired our Solomeo-based company.

"This is why the collaboration with Tes Pharma and Professor Roberto Pellicciari, a scientist friend, and with the prestigious company Xgen with Paolo Fundarò and Federica Draghi, is a source of great pride for me and the best ethical guarantee of harmony between professionalism and humanity. We will endeavour to do 'beautiful things' together, under the banner of human sustainability."

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

Brunello Cucinelli