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C&A founders launch new foundation to combat climate change

By Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez


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New York - The Brenninkmeijer family, founders of C&A, announced Tuesday the launch of their new foundation, which will combat climate change while addressing the inequality crisis. The newly created entity, called the Laudes Foundation, will be replacing the current C&A fFoundation, and aims to advance the work of its influential C&A Foundation create “positive change in the global fashion system”.

"Over the past five years at C&A Foundation, we have learned so much about what it takes to change an industry," Laudes CEO Leslie Johnston said in a statement. "We built networks and strengthened partnerships with the aim of creating lasting and positive change in the global fashion system. And, together with our flagship initiative Fashion for Good, we demonstrated that business and philanthropy can work successfully together to change the industry status quo."

C&A’s new foundation aims to pioneer circular economy principles across the fashion industry

The Laudes Foundation aims to collaborate with investors to redirect the flow of capital to encourage better business practices, while working with the industries in which the family has expertise to tackle the challenges that stand in the way of a sustainable economy, particularly fashion and the built environment, the family said in a statement.

It hopes that by redirecting the flow of capital in select areas it can encourage good business practices and inspire change.

New measures included designing jeans that could either be recirculated back into industrial processes or fully composted, and awarding 1.29 million euro to five pilot projects in a bid to boost circular economy practices within the fashion industry.

"We are proud to build on the work of C&A Foundation and be part of the growing movement to reshape global markets so that they value all people and respect nature," Johnston added.


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