Calida Group net sales soar 99.8 percent in FY14

In the 2014 financial year, the Calida Group reported strong, acquisition-driven growth. Net sales doubled 99.8 percent during the year under review to 412.4 million Swiss franc (40.9 million dollars) and net income increased to 23.6 million Swiss franc (2.3 million dollars). The equity ratio increased from 49.2 percent to 53.8 percent.

“Thanks to our group's solid performance during the last financial year and the rapid integration of our major acquisition Lafuma, we are financially and operationally well placed to succeed and continue expanding in extremely competitive markets made even more challenging by volatile currencies,” opined Felix Sulzberger, CEO of Calida Group.

The operating result (EBIT) after non-recurring effects increased by 29.5 percent from 21 million Swiss franc (2 million dollars) to 27.2 million Swiss franc (2.6 million dollars). The return on sales came to 6.6 percent compared to 10.2 percent, last year.

The group is now structured into five divisions: The Calida Division, based in Sursee, the Aubade Division based in Paris, the Millet Mountain Group, with its Millet, Eider and Lafuma outdoor brands, based in Annecy, the Furniture Division based in Anneyron and the Oxbow Division based in Bordeaux. Alongside the wholesale business, which remains the Group's mainstay, around 30 percent of sales were driven by the retail, outlet and internet channels.

The sharp increase in the value of the Swiss franc and the significant weakening of the euro against the US dollar, together with worsening economic weakness especially in Southern Europe and France, present the Calida Group with major challenges in the current financial year. The Group generates around 75 percent of its sales and earnings in euros. The company expects to report much lower operating results for 2015, if the currency situation does not significantly improve.

Calida Group net sales soar 99.8 percent in FY14




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