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Carhartt to bring resale programme to stores

By Rachel Douglass


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Carhartt women's collection. Credits: Carhartt.

Workwear brand Carhartt has said it is expanding its resale programme to its physical stores over the course of 2023 following what the company said had been a successful pilot.

The initiative is an expansion of the brand’s Carhartt Reworked programme, which had initially launched online in March 2023 as a resale site before entering its retail network via a pilot in six stores across the US.

Now in its next phase, Carhartt will be expanding the trade-in aspect of the programme to 35 company retail stores effective immediately, while mail-in trade-in and further US roll out will begin later this year.

Through the programme, shoppers can trade-in select Carhartt products that meet a set of requirements, such as items that have been sold within the past 10 years.

The customer can then exchange their garments for a digital gift card to use on its e-commerce sites and in any company store.

Gear that is not eligible for trade in will be “properly recycled or donated”, Carhartt said, while pieces that are will either be cleaned, repaired and reassessed depending on their condition.

In a release, Gretchen Valade, director of sustainability, said: "We are encouraged by the positive support and feedback the programme has received over the first three months, and we are excited to expand it so more hardworking people can get their hands on gear that is not done working.

"With the help of Trove, the expansion reinforces our commitment of building a better world through reducing our environmental impact and keeping countless Carhartt garments out of landfills."

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