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CFDA aiding the American fashion industry in times of COVID-19

By FashionUnited



During the COVID-19 pandemic, small and independent retail businesses are amongst some of the most vulnerable. The Council of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) have been doing their part to provide those in need with the crucial information and resources needed at this time to aid with concerns of financial and job security.

The CFDA has been liaising with multiple entities and organizations to provide information on loans and other types of financial relief to those who may be concerned about their business or income. Apart from information, the organization offers the Local Production Fund - a grant program encouraging local designers and brands to start or increase their production in NYC by matching them with local manufacturers. To connect those industry players, the CFDA provides their open directory with over 230 US manufacturers, open for collaboration with local brands.

To further aid the retail industry, the CFDA has called upon their partners - among others the AAFA, DHL and Accenture, to diversify the assistance offered businesses in those times of COVID-19. The CFDA played an integral part in the organization and execution of a letter sent to the White House in the name of the crucial national trade organizations, detailing the importance of supporting the retail industry and the 52 million Americans it affects.

Another vital collaboration that was recently initiated by Vogue magazine and the CFDA is 'A Common Thread'- fashion fund for COVID-19 which features those within the retail industry through a fund-raising storytelling initiative.

In a time of stress and uncertainty, the CFDA have taken drastic measures to help improve the lives of those working across the fashion industry in America. To learn more about how the CFDA is providing support during this pandemic, head to the CFDA website for more information.

Photo courtesy of CFDA

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