Chanel accused of ripping off Mati Ventrillon's designs

Chanel has found themselves in hot water over accusations of plagiarism. The iconic luxury label is being accused by Scottish knitwear designer Mati Ventrillon of copying her Fair Isle knitwear pieces for their recent Metier d'Art collection, which debuted in Rome last week.

Ventrillon's personal Instagram account currently features pictures of her designs compared against the designs Chanel recently sent down the runway. The line between inspiration and imitation appears to have been crossed. According to Ventrillon, Chanel purchased the garments as research for the recent collection, but she never expected them to copy her designs.

Part of the caption underneath one of her Instagram photos reads "endorsement or plagiarism?"

While in most fashion copyright cases, plaintiffs tend to seek monetary compensation for their copied designs, but Ventrillon is more concerned about what this says about the actual state of fashion itself.

In an article by, she discussed how she felt that the business of Fair Isle knitwear is being under valued, and that traditional craftsmanship is disappearing. Ventrillon follows a small business model with a focus on continuing to support these craftsmen. She has still yet to decide whether or not she will take legal action.

Chanel has yet to release a statement regarding the accusation.





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