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Cobblers Direct launches volume-based repair program

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Credits: Pexels

Online footwear and handbag repair firm Cobblers Direct has launched a new repair program based on volume for online resellers.

The repair program is targeted at online resellers of secondhand and vintage leather goods such as handbags, shoes, and belts. It capitalizes on the booming secondhand market, projected to reach 350 billion US dollars by 2027, according to ThredUp's 11th annual report.

"Selling refurbished shoes, boots, and handbags creates bigger business for resellers," said Stephen Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Cobblers Direct, in a statement. "If you can get 100 US dollars for a handbag "as-is," or you could fetch 400 US dollars for that same handbag after some repairs, which would you choose? It's a no-brainer."

An opportunity to help divert quality leather goods from the landfill while making high-end, luxury items more affordable, the program helps resellers repair secondhand items. Given the high demand and consumer expectation for quality, secondhand items often need repairs before sale. While this can initially impact reseller profits, investing in these repairs ultimately leads to higher earnings and more satisfied customers.

"Our repair model allows us to do reseller repairs quickly while providing volume discounts to ensure profits are maximized. We'll repair your secondhand goods so you can get them out on online resale marketplaces like The Real Real, Poshmark, ThreadUp, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and others and earn top dollar," added Kelly.

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