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Coty unveils ‘first globally distributed’ perfume using 100 percent recycled carbon emissions

By Rachel Douglass


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Gucci Where My Heart Beats fragrance. Image: Coty

Beauty giant Coty has unveiled a new fragrance which it said is the first manufactured using alcohol from 100 percent recycled carbon emissions to be globally distributed.

The eau de parfum ‘Where My Heart Beats’ is the latest in Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden collection, a series that draws inspiration from the art of alchemy.

The fragrance itself uses CarbonSmart alcohol provided by Coty partner LanzaTech, which captures carbon from industrial emissions to transform into alcohol for fine fragrances.

Coty first established its relationship with LanzaTech in March 2021, and initially started developing fragrances utilising this technology in January 2022.

The group began introducing carbon-captured alcohol into its products using a mass balance methodology, where traditional alcohol was mixed with carbon-captured alcohol. It is the first time Coty has segregated the latter to make it 100 percent.

Via the partnership, both Coty and LanzaTech hope to provide solutions to reduce the beauty industry’s environmental impact, recycling carbon emissions while also reducing water usage and the need for agricultural land.

In a release, Coty’s chief scientific and sustainability officer, Shimei Fan, said: “Coty is the first company to introduce carbon-captured alcohol into fine fragrances for global distribution.

“This is an inspiring example of sustainability being the ultimate driver of innovation. Beyond the science, there is something magical in upcycling industrial emissions into alcohol pure enough for use in fine fragrances.

“That is why Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden Where My Heart Beats Eau de Parfum was the natural choice for our first fragrance manufactured using 100 percent carbon-captured alcohol.”