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Crocs wins infringement case against two companies

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Crocs, Facebook

Footwear manufacturer Crocs has announced it has secured judgement of infringement against USA Dawgs and Double Diamond Distribution which it accused of selling imitation Crocs shoes.

Crocs obtained six million dollars and 55,000 dollars in damages against both the companies.

The two parties began selling the shoe styles back in 2006, with both since conceding the validity of Crocs’ patent rights.

It comes nearly one year after Crocs filed similar lawsuits against 21 companies alleging infringement of its trademarked clog designs.

The company is seeking an exclusion order against infringing products, as well as monetary damages.

In a release, the brand’s executive vice president and chief legal and risk officer, Daniel Hart, said Crocs is “fiercely protective” of its brand and DNA, stating: “We have zero tolerance for infringement of our intellectual property rights or for anyone who tries to benefit off the investments that we have made in our brand.”

Hart added: “This judgement not only reinforces the validity of our patent rights, it also reinforces our unrelenting determination to take forceful steps to protect our brand equity.”