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Cross-Border Commerce Europe provides tips to prepare retailers for the 'new normal'

By Sylvana Lijbaart


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Online shopping. Credits: Aygin Kolaei for FashionUnited

Wars, inflation and slowing consumption are having a major impact on retail. The sector must adapt to keep up with the changes and return to the 'new normal'.

To help retailers get started in the "new normal", Cross-Border Commerce Europe sat down with ten international C-Level retail executives who shared their visions of the future in the areas of direct-to-consumer, omnichannel, marketplaces and sustainability.

Starting with the first topic, direct-to-consumer activities will become the most important channel for many European brands in 2025, according to Cross-Border Commerce Europe. Channelisation helps reduce 'channel conflicts', observed Oliver Lucas. "Recognise that customers are different on each channel. This means providing an experience that connects with a community of shoppers, so that one channel no longer competes with another. This includes differentiation between product selection, pricing, communication, logistics and payments." In addition, the need for, and strategy for, a green supply chain will grow.

It is also seen that brands and retailers are increasingly developing their own marketplaces. For that strategy to succeed, clear priorities need to be set, the press release says. "When you launch your own cross-border marketplace, you create additional revenue streams and increase the overall conversion rate of the platform. Success depends on very important factors such as a high conversion rate and a payment method offer adapted to each country," said chairman Prof Dr Christian Stummeyer.

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