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DMIx launches photo-realistic virtual models

By Rachel Douglass


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DMIx StudioAvatars virtual models. Image: DMIx

German company ColorDigital, together with its digital platform DMIx, has unveiled a series of customisable virtual avatars in a bid to drive fashion brands’ end-to-end digital workflow.

Developed in partnership with Verce, the two products, DMIx StudioAvatars and DMIx 3D-Studio, each hope to contribute to more sustainable production methods, as well as push for diversity and representation in the fashion industry.

StudioAvatars offers brands photo-realistic digital humans that can be customised and individualised to their own preference, allowing users to create a digital model team that can be used all the way up to their marketing process.

The avatars can be created either fully digitally or based on the scan of a human model, additionally enabling talent to access a new way to market and licence their digital avatar.

Meanwhile, 3D-Studio, which comes under the DMIx ecosystem, allows brands to exchange photo-realistic materials, colours and avatars in real-time.

Through the tool, users can combine objects, materials and avatars in a studio environment, resulting in an end-product that appears to be real and is further connected to all material and product data.

In a release, Gerd Willschütz, CEO and co-founder of ColorDigital, said: “Until now, an end-to-end 3D workflow with virtual models has not been able to meet marketing demands and substitute human models photographs on e-commerce systems.

“With the DMIx 3D-Studio, we are not only making a complex workflow easy – we are also laying the groundwork for an automated pipeline to create e-commerce ready images for various online retailers.

“In combination with our hyper-realistic virtual humans, we provide the first end-to-end solution bringing together digital product development and consumer driven marketing demands.”

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