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Dov Charney expects to surpass 20 million dollars in annual sales with new company

By Sara Ehlers


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Nearly a year ago, former American Apparel founder Dov Charney started a new apparel company. Dubbed Los Angeles Apparel, it seems that his new venture is expected to do well.

In August of last year, he told FashionUnited that he was in the development and research stage of a new company. Months later, the endeavor has been publicly confirmed as his new apparel company, although it doesn't stray too much from his past label. While his past company had many mistakes, it seems in the future Charney is aiming to do things differently. “We’re stepping forward and I’m going to use the second half of my life to build a spectacular company,” he told FahsionUnited at the time.

Currently, there are no numbers officially posted of Los Angeles Apparel's success. However, Charney states that he "expects to surpass 20 million dollars in annual sales" in the next year, as reported by Business of Fashion. He also is hoping to expand the business in retail similar to American Apparel's expansion. While there is no confirmation on how this plan of action will come to fruition, considering his past experience in retail, it is likely that the label may do well.

The warehouse for the new brand is located in South Central Los Angeles with approximately 350 employees. Essentially starting over, the new brand has similar elements as it sells high-quality basics such as shirts and sweaters. According to Business of Fashion, the new line is headed towards a similar effects even towards having a tagline that reads "Made in South Central," echoing American Apparel's "Made in Downtown LA" tags. Whether or not the label will be successful still remains to be seen.

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