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Dov Charney offers up factories for mask production

By Kristopher Fraser

Mar 16, 2020

Disgraced former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney appears to be trying to rehabilitate his image. His latest attempt involves him offering up his factory for his new brand Los Angeles Apparel to produce masks to protect people from coronavirus.

Charney says that his team of over 450 people will gladly manufacture masks and any medical products that the government says is needed in an effort to help manage the coronavirus crisis. In an Instagram post, Charney even included his cell-phone number for people to be able to reach him.

Charney also took this as a marketing opportunity, and posted photos of the 30 dollar for a three pack masks that Los Angeles Apparel already sells. Since their launch in 2016, Los Angeles Apparel has typically produced third party items for other companies, but they have been ramping up efforts to sell their own merchandise recently.

No word yet on whether the Trump administration or the healthcare industry has responded to Charney's offer. As people will be shopping less and coronavirus throwing us into recession, fashion companies are trying to find revenue elsewhere.

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