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Eddie Bauer reveals sustainability plans for core categories

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Eddie Bauer

As part of the Sparc Group, Eddie Bauer has announced new benchmarks to improve the brand’s sustainability practices for its product categories, including apparel and gear. The roadmap supports the label’s mission to preserve national resources and environmental considerations, in reference to its buyer group of outdoor enthusiasts.

Developed in partnership with responsibility experts Shift Advantage, the brand has outlined sustainability priorities for its apparel and gear category.

It looks to create innovative and long-lasting products with the smallest possible environmental footprint while ensuring the business itself is an inclusive, accessible and safe place. Additionally, it plans to protect the outdoors from the impacts of climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Alongside its overall goals, the company has also detailed a number of benchmarks to accelerate its priorities. For example, it plans to use lower impact materials in its collections, including implementing 50 percent certified organic cotton into its products, as well as 50 percent recycled polyester and nylon, each by 2025. The goals are met with the long-term aim of reaching 100 percent execution by 2030.

Other areas covered involve operational qualities within the business, including that of measured greenhouse gas emissions throughout category operations. It is also planning to develop a Restricted Substance List programme to utilise by 2025, as well as the adoption of circular business models such as launching programmes for rental, resale and repair.

“As an outdoor brand born in the Pacific Northwest, a focus on the environment has always been at the centre of Eddie Bauer’s mission and it continues to be, with the renewed priorities and goals we are setting for apparel and gear,” said the company’s CEO, Damien Huang, in a release. “We recognise the vital importance of preserving our natural resources and doing our part to ensure our business practices are supporting a sustainable future.”

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