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Elite World Group to launch avatar models in collaboration with Igoodi

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Igoodi

Fashion talent management company Elite World Group (EWG) has announced it will be introducing photorealistic 3D avatars to its offer in collaboration with Italian avatar firm, Igoodi.

The metaverse-based tool, which utilises Web3 technology, aims to create avatars that portray a lifelike digital version of a physical person.

The feature implements Igoodi’s Smart Body dataset, a technology that can capture a model’s anthropometric measurements through a scanning process.

By incorporating the new technology, EWG is aiming to offer a versatile form of model management that it said could reduce the carbon footprint of the industry, with virtual renditions making it possible to potentially cut down travel requirements, putting the casting process entirely online.

In a release, EWG’s CEO, Paolo Barbieri said that in the near future the company could also potentially look into making catalogues with avatars of real models, allowing people to do two jobs at once, both in real life and in the metaverse.

Barbieri commented: “Changes are already taking place. There is no need to wait for them; if anything they need to be ridden.

“There are risks, but it is better to take them than to stand still, to attack newness first in order to take advantage of these opportunities. We need to take the customer by the hand, to be able to apply our skill set to novelty.”

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