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Farfetch launches Web3 accelerator programme with Outlier Ventures

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Farfetch

Luxury fashion platform Farfetch has announced a new partnership with Outlier Ventures that will see the duo host a Web3-focused accelerator programme for digitally-driven fashion and lifestyle start-ups.

The ‘Dream Assembly Base Camp’ will offer selected participants a tailored 12-week programme, featuring mentorship, networking and support surrounding digital fashion, immersive experiences and the creator economy.

Additionally, the start-ups will each gain access to Farfetch and Outlier Ventures’ network of mentors from various industries, as well as investors to potentially support any future fundraising efforts.

The initiative builds on Farfetch’s Dream Assembly, which launched in April 2018, and is also focused on supporting start-ups through mentorship programmes. It will be combined with Outlier Ventures Base Camp programme, which is centred around accelerating Web3 start-ups.

“Web3 is an evolving area of growth, but with fundamental challenges to overcome to be usable and scalable within the luxury industry. We are on a mission to support the creation of a unique, curated, connected conversation to help drive the future of this space,” said Farfetch’s senior director of product innovation, Carol Hilsum, in a release.

Hilsum continued: “Dream Assembly is committed to supporting the best entrepreneurs and teams to scale to the next level. We believe that the entire industry, including Farfetch, can benefit from helping to support the next generation of technology companies dedicated to driving the future of Web3 luxury commerce.”

Applications for the programme are open until August 19, with the schedule to commence late September 2022.

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