Ugg, a division of Decker Brands, has long been committed to protecting their customers from counterfeit products. This week, they have scored a victory in the battle against counterfeiting when 700,000 dollars worth of counterfeit Ugg products were seized by local and federal law enforcement on Long Island, New York. 3660 Ugg counterfeit products were identified.

The counterfeit Uggs were discovered while law enforcement officials were serving an eviction notice for a failure to pay rent. The raid disrupted an organized operation that assembled and shipped counterfeit goods across the country. The total seizure included counterfeits of other premium brands, coming in at a value of one million dollars.

"As a leader in Intellectual Property Rights investigations, HSI is committed to dismantling organizations that seek to sell inferior counterfeit goods to unwitting consumers," said Angel M. Melendez, special agent in charge of HSI New York, who was involved in the raid. "Our partnerships with industry help all of us in the end by safeguarding the U.S. economy as well as public safety."

Counterfeit Uggs seized in Long Island

Ugg has long been outspoke about the issues of counterfeit production. Their website even has a tab dedicated to educating consumers on counterfeit production and counterfeit e-commerce websites, providing tips on how to spot fakes, and get reimbursed if you become victim to a counterfeit scam.

"Since 2009, we have taken legal action against over 60,000 websites selling counterfeit products, we have removed over 590,000 counterfeit listings on various online sites such as Taobao and eBay and seized over 2.2 million counterfeit products before they entered the market," said Dave Powers, ceo and president of Deckers Brands. "We will continue to support successful raids and website takedowns as these efforts are part of our commitment to our customers."





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