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Filippa K launches Preowned resale marketplace

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Filippa K

Scandinavian label Filippa K has launched its first online resale marketplace in its home country of Sweden.

Named Filippa K Preowned, the site is part of the label’s strategy to create a more circular model around its products, by encouraging customers to sell second hand garments in a simplified way. Items included on the site will be both preowned pieces and Filippa K verified.

Descriptions and imagery will be automatically generated from the label’s catalogue, with suggested resale prices presented to sellers. They can then select to either receive 60 percent cash or 100 percent store credit once an item is sold, and will be asked to ship the product off themselves.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Preowned as a way to ensure our garments find their next owner and stay in use for as long as possible,” said Jodi Everding, head of fabric and sustainability, in a statement. “By offering a marketplace for Filippa K fans to buy and sell items, we’re helping them to extend the life of garments that already exist.

“If we can double the lifespan of a garment, we can reduce nearly half of the impacts of its production. It is crucial to keep what we’ve already produced in use for as long as possible - and we want to help consumers do just that.”

Currently, the Swedish platform is only open to sellers, with its full launch for buyers scheduled on October 29.

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