Los Angeles - Fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 recently has made some changes to its business ties. The company has agreed to officially separate from its two-year long partnership with shipping firm EZ Worldwide Express.

EZ Worldwide Express, operating at EZ Mailing Services Inc., had filed for bankruptcy in January according to LA Business Journal. Forever 21’s sales, according to the shipping firm, have dropped significantly in the past couple of years. According to the publication, the sales range last year was from 629,000 dollars to 780,000 dollars in one period. In the same period from April 8 to May 5, sales were from approximately 352,000 dollars to 428,000 dollars. The change shows a distinctive decrease in the retailer’s sales.

EZ Worldwide Express had agreed previously to ship to at least 171 stores until 2019. However, the two have come to an agreement to separate earlier and not continue to do business. “Forever 21 and EZ Worldwide Express have came to an agreement to separate, after EZ’s difficult financial conditions meant that it could no longer provide the same delivery services,” the company said in an email statement. EZ Worldwide had filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, proving that the company had been financially struggling. Through earlier than expected, EZ Worldwide and Forever 21 have both decided that ceasing future business is the best course of action for both companies.





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