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FWLA catches on to see-now-buy-now

By Sara Ehlers

Oct 19, 2016

Los Angeles - This year, most of the famed fashion weeks throughout international cities have seen a move in how buyers shop. A lot of the designers have moved towards a see-now-buy-now attitude, as the wait that normally happens for buyers after a collection now seems redundant. It seems that Fashion Week Los Angeles (FWLA) is now ready to move towards this trend.

As part of a new digital wave, FWLA has tapped mobile app Nifty to provide this function more efficiently. As FWLA continues throughout this week, collections will be readily available for sale after the shows. The app will also contact shoppers as soon as the collections and looks are available. In partnership with the fashion week, the “Shop the Runway” experience will be available for users to see the looks in real time with the runway. As the collection debuts on the runway, shoppers will be able to directly order looks through the app; which is a new development for fashion weeks.

Founded by Alessandro Dal Grande and Firouzeh Lorzadeh, the app started in 2014 as a way for shoppers to peruse brands online. The app makes it more convenient for shoppers to see the styles and brands down to individualized size. For FWLA, the app’s website listed a schedule of when the looks would be available by time and designer. As it seems the future of fashion shows is heading this way, it’ll be interesting to see if the Nifty app becomes more popular throughout fashion weeks.